Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    In Conversation with HONNE

    When I met HONNE over Zoom, they’d been up late the night before working on a new music video for an acoustic version of...

    In Conversation with India Hicks

    Although having enjoyed a varied career, India Hicks is perhaps best known for two things: her eponymous lifestyle brand (now defunct), and being Prince...

    In Conversation with Ted Hodgkinson

    From the window above my desk I can see straight into four of my neighbours’ offices. The workspace belonging to the family opposite sits...

    In Conversation with Baroness Hale

    The diaries of Lord Hope, the first Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court, describe Baroness Brenda Hale: “Brenda is not easy to deal...

    Interview: Richard Herring

    The comedian on his podcast, his time in Oxford and living in Boris Johnson's armpit

    Interview: Bendor Grosvenor

    The art historian and presenter on restoration, vanity and Old Masters

    Interview: George Osborne

    The first impression that I get of George Osborne is that he is a man in a hurry – both literally and figuratively. After...

    Interview: Greg James

    Joanna Lonergan speaks to the Radio 1 DJ on music, mental health, and Cornish pasties.

    Lust for Life: Lana Del Rey

    A genre in herself, Lana’s sleepy Hollywood aesthetic and tragic love songs have earned her success in the indie pop scene. Under her...

    Interview: editor of the New Statesman, Jason Cowley

    On the literary scene, journalism, and the current state of the left