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    The Masters 2021 Preview

    Only five months on from the 2020 edition of the Masters, it is time now for the 2021 version. Back in its usual slot...

    The Last Five Years- Preview

    Having watched the preview, I am excited to see and listen to the full-length production of the musical. Both Maggie Moriarty as Cathy and...

    Review: Chengyu: Chinoiserie

    In Leung’s tales of adolescence, of desire and longing, loss and language, it is clear that love is the “one most/ tender, /tongueless theme”. Words “become flesh” as poems are imbued with the earnest passion of lived history.

    The Ruling Class – ‘a new beast, though one they are competently battling’

    Stage Wrong Productions tackle the challenging black comedy on at the BT in third week.

    Love/Sick: An anthology of romantic adrenaline and hysteria

    A production that tackles what is the most enigmatic of all human experiences: love.

    How To Make Friends and then Kill Them Preview – ‘promises to be entertaining and unsettling’

    A preview of Coningsby Productions' play at the Pilch this week.

    The Pitchfork Disney Preview – ‘a play of delight and disgust’

    The Pitchfork Disney shows at the BT Studio this week

    Mojo Preview – ‘gloriously worded script but male dominated’

    Cesca Echlin finds this rendition of Jez Butterworth's play hits comic targets, but also reflects on its male-dominated narrative.

    Top Girls Preview – ‘a vibrant period piece’

    This new production of Caryl Churchill's play may be a portrait of a specific time, but is still intensely relevant.

    Underrated Spaces: Jesus College Hall

    The Devil is in the detail of this early modern revival

    Funny Friends Preview – ‘A roundup of all the best student talent in the country’

    Funny friends and frenetic feminisms fuse in this upcoming Playhouse performance

    Labyrinth preview – ‘an impressive blend of exciting text and creative movement’

    Tom Mackie finds himself anything but lost in this psychomaniacal retelling of the Theseus and Ariadne myth

    Ishtar preview -‘Nothing if not entrancing’

    An excellently engaging gloss of an intriguing archaic myth

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