Sunday, October 17, 2021
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OPINION: The new foreign policy and international aid ‘super-department’ suggests the...

"Aid must be apportioned on the basis of necessity first and foremost, not dictated by foreign policy interests"

The Chosen One Turns Chooser: Joe Biden’s Running Mate Dilemma

In 1961, the charismatic John Fitzgerald Kennedy offered the vice-presidential nod to Senate Majority Leader and career establishment figure, Lyndon Johnson. They had no real personal...

The Future of ‘That Party Bernie Crashed’

Now that Bernie Sanders has taken himself out of the running for President, Spencer Cohen looks at the legacy he has left behind.

The Kitchen as a Political Space

Men tend to ‘enter into’ the kitchen whereas women are understood to be already there.

Is escapism acceptable?

We have a certain cultural responsibility

Racist or Unfortunate, Johnson’s Language is Harmful

Timea Iliffe contends that regardless of whether the Prime Minister's language can be called racist or unfortunate, it is nonetheless harmful to those it targets.

This House Believes… This Government Has Been A Disaster

Proposition - Eleanor Ruxton, Keble College The last election was, for many, the political equivalent of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Those...

Brits 2020: Where performance met politics

This year’s Brit awards took place on the 18th of February, and did not disappoint as a night of celebration of British culture, entertainment...

The Modern Memoir

“I can’t believe that we’re on the fifth instalment of my autobiography. As usual with me, the three years since my last book, You Only...

Orwell: a deserving modern hero

George Orwell should be declared a modern hero. The Etonian rebel was an interesting character, for he voluntarily subjected himself to poverty for many...