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Friday, June 24, 2022

Tag: picasso

Picasso at the RA and the experience of solitude

The curved, sick, and boney fingers are everywhere. The Frugal Meal (1904), one of Picasso’s early paper engravings, is immediately striking.

Dora Maar and the Everyday Strange

The women of the Surrealist movement have suffered a curious case of the feminine shadow, what could be termed Muse Syndrome. Often, their biographical and artistic legacies have been dogged by their associations to prominent male surrealists; the result, an awkward and myopic epitaph.

1932: The year Picasso had something to prove

The Tate’s latest retrospective shows that the artist’s peak came at a personal low

The art of painting like a child

The idea of enjoying something linked to childhood is apparently shameful

Making bad art

Oxford art students discover making bad portraits isn't as easy as it looks.

The birth of modernism: a journey in innovation

Surya Bowyer celebrates the originality, scope, and joie de vivre of the Ashmolean’s latest special exhibition 'Degas to Picasso: Creating Modernism in France'

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