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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tag: paris

La Vie en Rose: The new teacher

She entered with big doughy eyes and a welcoming self-effacing buzz-cut – making her seem above the superficial and the hair-possessing. She looks a...

La Vie en Rose: Babysitting the strawberries

Nowadays there’s a lot of ‘main character’ talk. One woman who has not only understood the assignment, but puts to shame all other competing...

La Vie en Rose: New year, many me(s)

A couple days ago I went to see a Baudelaire exhibition, and as I meandered through colourful rooms full of poems about flowers and...

Bouncer’s rejection: it’s not you, it’s him.

But can you imagine sobbing uncontrollably like a Ninento-ridden child in front of 500 people? Christ. Could never be me…

Pret A Manger or Pret A Danger

Rumplestiltskin top-hatted men have permeated many of the daily accounts of my fellow female students.

French connection: My first two months in Paris

I have been shocked by how different I feel to those around me due to aspects of my appearance

Paris Fashion Week reviewed

The year is 2020, a change is happening. The year is 2020, a revolution is happening”, sang New-York-based singer, No Bra, during the show...

Jean Paul Gaultier and a New Vision for Fashion

Last Thursday at the Théâtre du Châtalet in Paris, the fashion world came together to celebrate the career of iconic French designer Jean Paul...

The Early Roots of Film

The Parisians screamed. And it seemed a perfectly reasonable response. After all, packed into a musty early cinema, they had just witnessed the Lumière...

I was overcome with a sense of familiarity, intermingled with strangeness

Beth James reflects on the forgotten female modernist poet, Hope Mirrlees

Accused don declared fit for prison

Tariq Ramadan was hospitalised after twelve days in prison awaiting trial

Has football finally sold its soul to money?

Jack Allsopp tries to make sense of Neymar's staggering transfer to PSG

Fashion in Paris is moving in the right direction

Chloe Dootson-Graube takes a more optimistic view on the future of Parisian fashion

Letter from Abroad: Paris

Eleanor Whitchurch speaks of Parisian courtesy in an unsettled atmosphere

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