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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Palestine

A diplomat’s-eye view on the Israel-Palestine conflict: Hertford Principal Tom Fletcher in conversation

"If it was easy we’d have done it a long time ago. Very smart diplomats and peacemakers have been working on this for decades since 1948. I still think that at its root there is a simplicity to this, which is that you need two states: a state of Israel and a state of Palestine, where the rights of Israelis and Palestinians are considered equally. But it’s much harder to actually deliver that.”

Hundreds attend pro-Palestine march in Oxford, including ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Hundreds of protestors attended a pro-Palestine march through Oxford on Sunday, including ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who addressed the crowd at Bonn Square towards...

Oxford archaeologists help achieve access to satellite images of Israel and the Palestinian territories

Two Oxford archaeologists have contributed to the declassification of satellite images of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with "huge implications" for visual access...

Family, Football and Palestine: A Story of Solidarity

In the 1870s, Brother Walfrid, an Irish priest from County Sligo, emigrated to Scotland. It was there that in 1887, at a meeting at St Mary’s...

Students hold emergency vigil to honour Palestinians killed in protests

Over 100 students and residents observed the vigil, which fell on the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian exodus of 1948

Oxford MP calls on government to recognise Palestine

Layla Moran, who is the first British MP to be of Palestinian descent, told Parliament: "In between Hamas and a very extreme Israeli prime minister, we have the blood of children."

Societies condemn platform for Israeli politician

The Oxford Israel Forum, the PPE society, and the International Relations Society defended their decision to host of the speaker

Jewish Society criticises ORF speakers for alleged ties to anti-Semitism

Speakers at the Oxford Radical Forum (ORF), including controversial NUS President Malia Bouattia, have been condemned by Oxford University Jewish Society (OUJS) for alleged...

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