Friday, May 20, 2022
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Oli Hall’s Oxford United Updates – W8

"Fans at Court Place Farm bore witness to a simply sensational Oxford performance as they ran out 7-0 winners."

Viva La Varsity

"The friendly animosity of the rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge is an energetic distraction to the soul-burning and hand-hurting activities of academic life."

How meritocracy fuels Oxford’s burnout cycle

"The desire to simply breathe, to spend a day without a to-do list etched into your brain, is a completely natural response to our unnatural environment."

Observing Oxford: Temple Lounge / Jamal’s

There must be something about slightly seedy Indian restaurants that lend themselves to niche Oxford traditions. Walking into Jamal’s or Temple Lounge on a...

Lord’s Cricket Ground to stop hosting Varsity Match

This year will see the final cricket Varsity competition played at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The first of these games was played in 1827 and has continued since then every year aside from the interruption of World Wars I and II, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Oxford University Russian Club abstains from issuing statement on Ukraine invasion

The Oxford Russian Club has decided neither to make a statement nor take an official position on the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

OUAFC set to host Reserves Varsity this Weekend

"Not only will there be 3 fantastic games of football but there will also be a bar and food stand running throughout the day."

Oli Hall’s Oxford Updates – W6

"A hugely impressive 4-0 win against Charlton at the Den sees them back up into fourth in the League One table."

The how-to guide to Hilary: How to live your main character...

You may not have noticed, but they happen to be filming a movie in Oxford at the moment.  I remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

Law Society Chaos: Constitutional crisis, £6,000 lost on flowers

Internal communications and financial documents reveal how Michaelmas Term 2021 Law Society President Bartłomiej ‘Bartek’ Trzos appointed his friends to influential positions, tried to amend the constitution to allow appointments until graduation, and splashed out on a lavish, cancelled ball. Many hours of conversation with high-ranking members and exclusive access to internal papers paint a picture of a society wracked by power struggles and struggling to administer itself, exacerbated by what members of the executive told Cherwell was a £50,000 loss on the ball cancelled at the end of last term.