Friday, May 27, 2022
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“Strikingly modern” – Review: Twelfth Night at Waterperry Gardens

May McEvoy reviews Somerville College Drama Society and Sunday Productions' Twelfth Night.
Poster for "Little Shop of Horrors" in Oxford.

“Outside, in drag, covered in glitter”: Little Shop of Horrors comes...

Everybody better beware: Little Shop of Horrors has arrived in Oxford.  The wacky musical tells the story of a meek florist, Seymour Krelborn, who finds...

Oxfess: Why the fixation?

Let’s imagine it’s night-time, you’ve settled in for an early one after a long old day, and you decide to innocently scroll through the...

Cherwell’s Top 40 BNOCs

Cherwell News presents the Top 40 BNOCs of Oxford.

Oxford nuclear fusion revolution: Cherwell meets the scientists

The Oxford community is the home of two startups, First Light Fusion and Tokamak Energy, developing pathways to commercially viable fusion energy.

Breaking Bridge

CW: Sexual assault. Women want to be able to look and feel good when going on a night out and not be sexually assaulted. Fun...
Photos of spring flowers

How to survive May Day

With the start of a new term, I’d be amazed if you hadn’t yet heard the words ‘May Day’ mentioned or even been asked...

GROW British Rowing: A step in the right direction or...

Undoubtedly British Rowing’s initiatives are a step in the right direction, but like many journeys towards inclusivity, it cannot be done alone.
Colored rectangles reading "Croquet & May Day & Plays"

Upcoming cultural events in Oxford

Season Two of Bridgerton has given me a newfound desire to grab life by the mallet, so this term I have decided to sign up for Croquet Cuppers.

The Run In – Oxford United End of Season Preview

Can the men push for a play-off place and extend their season all the way to Wembley?  Can the women’s side achieve a historic promotion?