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John Evelyn: 7th Week, Hilary Term 2022

Run. Hide. Lock the door. The hacks are upon us.  With the LMH enforcer and the Anti-Politician each loved up with their own newspaper, the...

BREAKING: Molly Mantle elected President of the Oxford Union, REACH slate wins all major positions

Molly Mantle of the REACH slate has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Hilary 2022, winning 402 first preferences. Mantle was Librarian of the Oxford Union in Trinity 2021."

BREAKING: Chaos in the Union chamber as positive COVID-19 case causes evacuation

"Cherwell was informed that the member of the chamber received a positive test result during the course of the debates, but attendees who were not close contacts were only informed of the case after the hustings had finished."

Xie elected Oxford Union president, BRIDGE slate wins all major positions

Chengkai Xie has been elected president of the Oxford Union for Michaelmas 2021, winning 520 first preferences or 72.6% of the vote. Xie was...

BREAKING: Oxford Union election hacked, third poll proposed by Tribunal

The Election Tribunal investigating the Oxford Union Second Election for President has concluded that the Mi-Voice database of registered votes was improperly accessed and...

Oxford Union Second Election: Who’s nominated and what happens now?

Elections for the President of the Oxford Union in Hilary 2021 will take place on Friday, after Re-open Nominations (RON) received more votes than...

Elevate steps down: Oxford Union officer candidates drop out after controversy

Following messages sent from a candidate invoking George Floyd’s killing as reasoning for registering to vote, officers for the ‘Elevate’ slate have dropped out...

Barr and “ONE” slate elected

Beatrice Barr has been elected to serve as Oxford Union President in Michaelmas 2020 in the first uncontested election in 8 terms. She received...

UNION SCANDAL: Lee disqualified, McGinley elected in recount

The election for Secretary was recounted after Lee Chin Wee was found guilty of electoral malpractice.

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