Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Ten colleges not paying real Living Wage

A Cherwell investigation has found that at least ten Oxford colleges were still not paying the real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour to all of their permanent employees and casual workers as of 16th December 2020.

Oxford Living Wage Campaign demands COVID-19 worker protection

The Oxford Living Wage Campaign, a student organization for worker justice at the University of Oxford as well as its colleges, has released an...

University commits to the Oxford Living Wage

The University today announced that they have committed to paying the Oxford Living Wage, which will see a pay rise for nearly 2,000 employees,...

Why we must pay college staff a decent wage

We have a duty to pressure our colleges to pay all employees the Oxford Living Wage.

St Hugh’s JCR rejects motion to create Liaison Officer for Oxford...

St Hugh’s currently pays its scouts £9 per hour, which is less than the Oxford Living Wage.

Calls for Uni to introduce Oxford Living Wage

The Oxford Living Wage is set at 95% of the London Living Wage to reflect the high costs of living in Oxford