Thursday, May 26, 2022
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made its blades stand sentinel and straight, made the lock stick on the kissing gate

Human nature: why we should all be getting outdoors

At the moment, I feel more grateful than ever to live where I do. My house backs on to fields meaning whichever direction I...

Translating nature into the theatre

Audition season for Trinity plays is beginning. Prepare your monologues and get ready to neglect your studies. More importantly though, get shopping for a...

Rich countries are underperforming on conservation, Oxford study finds

Research shows that LEDCs outperform their richer counterparts on a range of conservation factors
Two birds in the Korean DMZ

Nature fights back in the Korean DMZ

Ben Anketell highlights how nature is flourishing in one of the most hostile places on Earth

Oxford shrimp named after Pink Floyd

The new discovery has been given the name of the 1970s band due to its “pink claw”