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“If you want to understand the mess we’re in today, you need to know some history.”

Eugene Rogan, a historian of the Middle East and fellow of St. Anthony’s College is a tutor I feel slightly in awe of: charismatic...

“Being delusional is the best form of therapy”: In conversation with Mia Khalifa

At 17:35 on May 3rd, I received an email from the Oxford Union Press that in about 2 hours I would be interviewing Mia...

A diplomat’s-eye view on the Israel-Palestine conflict: Hertford Principal Tom Fletcher in conversation

"If it was easy we’d have done it a long time ago. Very smart diplomats and peacemakers have been working on this for decades since 1948. I still think that at its root there is a simplicity to this, which is that you need two states: a state of Israel and a state of Palestine, where the rights of Israelis and Palestinians are considered equally. But it’s much harder to actually deliver that.”

The Arab Spring: ten years on

"Following 10 tumultuous years, it is hard to see any hope for these war-scarred countries." Zoe Lambert looks back at the Arab Spring, questioning the successes and failures, and reflects on being in Morocco as it began in 2010.

Debate: The West Has No Role To Play In The Middle East

Proposition - Leo Rogers When considering as large a question as the West’s role in the Middle East, we should be starting with the bare...

Iran: What Could Happen Next

The assassination of General Qasem Soleimani constitutes not only an escalation in tensions between the USA and Iran, but one of the most significant...

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