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    Alcoholism at Oxford University: A Perspective

    "Alcohol nearly ruined my life. For many years to come, I think, I’ll still be grappling with its consequences."

    Oxford online museum project aims to improve mental health

    Oxford researchers are leading an "online museum" project, ORIGN, to improve mental health for 16-24 year olds.

    “I don’t read the news”

    "The compulsive need to stay up to date with current affairs at the expense of my mental health (and personal hygiene) led me to reassess the way I inform myself."

    Phones have taken over. Can we switch off?

    "Social media is using the population as free labour, collecting our data after we produce it for free."

    Work/Life Balance at Brookes

    It is vital to recognise when to ask for help, and to know where to ask for it. Sharing a problem can often lighten the load of the problem. That’s part of the learning experience.

    Vessel : A Review

    CW : mention of disordered eating, fat phobia, body dysmorphia Have you ever wept in a toilet stall—maybe during a particularly rough school day,...

    The life-sucking vampire: exams and the logic of capitalism

    Elena Rotzokou makes the case against exams as a mode of assessment, pointing towards their arbitrariness as well as the negative impacts of their all-or-nothing nature. Rotzokou claims that the unhealthy logic of exams cannot be disentangled from capitalist and neoliberal thinking.

    Reflections on rustication: Dating with untreated mental illness

    CW: Depression, eating disorders. It is commonly said that in order to love another, one must love themselves. In fact, loving one-self is somewhat viewed...

    Emotional Contagion: an insight into Oxford University’s terrifying epidemic of burnout and hyper-productivity

    "Amongst these dreaming spires, emotional contagion hangs thick in the air like an intoxicating fog. It is a destructive concoction of morbid perfectionism, righteous self-obsession, and a sense of perpetual tiredness."

    Researchers reveal pandemic’s impact on children’s mental health

    A new policy briefing by a team of researchers at King’s College London and Oxford University has revealed the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic of the mental health of children and young people, as well as setting out various steps which can be taken to address this growing crisis. 

    Lockdown and suicide: Making the unthinkable thinkable

    "What is certain is that, as we emerge into a changed world, with different perspectives, motives and desires, we must remember that lockdowns and pandemic restrictions have this other, less visible, less reported-on cost."

    Student Profile: Ellie Redpath

    “I guess the one thing that comes to mind is that change is a lot harder to make than you originally think it is going to be – which isn’t the most inspiring thing for me to say.”

    Oxford study finds minimal link between social media use and adolescent life satisfaction

    Researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) have revealed their findings from an eight-year study of 12,000 British teenagers into the impacts of social...

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