Friday, May 27, 2022
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Hope Street: A Tale of Two Cathedrals

Nestled either end of Hope Street lie two of Britain’s great places of worship. These are the (Anglican) Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool,...

“We’ve come a long long way together” Liverpool’s ‘First Dance’

""I want to go again. It was just so so fun. It was such a nice atmosphere there.” The feeling of happy excitement of people heading out for their first night out post-lockdown definitely gave a boost of energy." Iona Neill discusses the recent trial rave at Bramley-Moore dock in Merseyside.

‘Studied carelessness’: How Virgil Van Dijk makes us think he’s even...

Virgil Van Dijk has cultivated a clear sporting persona: he is a formidably calm presence. His meteoric rise has often descended into a barrage...

Giving thanks to football

Greg Pankhurst reports on what became a breath-taking week for English football

Manchester City or Liverpool – the impossible choice?

Tom Ashley offers the perspective of a Manchester United supporter on the Premier League title run-in.

The Race is on

James Martin wonders whether Liverpool can hold on to win their first Premier League title?
A close up of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United are finally playing catch-up with old rivals Liverpool

Liverpool are leading the way, so why have Manchester United turned to Solskjaer?