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Is Labour still about labour?

Some people have noticed that the Labour Party is becoming progressively detached from the needs of the working class.

Oxford political societies respond to online learning until the 17th of May

Oxford University’s political societies have responded to the government’s decision not to resume in person teaching for students until at least the 17th May....

Oxford societies respond to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

"The president of OULD, Asher Weisz, said that 'the bill will massively constrain the ability of all people to protest by giving the Government sweeping new powers to take action if one person is ‘annoyed’ by a protest.;”

Meet the Balliol student running for Oxfordshire County Council

"Sasha Mills speaks to Michael O’Connor, a student at Balliol studying for a master's in philosophy, who is running in this year’s County Council Elections for the University Parks Ward and is also a member of the last standing Oxford team in this year's University Challenge."

Opinion: On Scotland, Devolution, and The Labour Party

Unionism can only work if all nations are satisfied: a real regard for the Scottish people must be made. Such regard that is formed by compassion and a distribution of wealth, power and opportunity would ensure that this positive situation is not only made but sustained.

Opinion – Corbyn’s suspension shows a new future for Labour

TW: antisemitism Shame. That is the only worthy reaction of every Labour member and supporter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s recent findings. The...

Opinion – Rebecca Long-Bailey gone: Labour’s long path to eliminating antisemitism has only just begun

Firing Long-Bailey immediately should neither be criticised nor excessively praised – it was simply a minimal requirement for Starmer... This was the only clean start possible for Labour.

Anneliese Dodds accused of “sitting on the fence” over lockdown easing

Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor and MP for Oxford East, has been accused of “sitting on the fence” after avoiding stating whether the Labour Party supports...

Is soft socialism the way forward for Labour?

Whether in Opposition or in Government, the position of (Shadow) Chancellor of the Exchequer is key to the functioning and coherence of any cabinet. You only...

Interview with the previous leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson

“I've previously joked it’s much harder to come out as a Tory at the BBC, than it is to come out as gay,” Ruth...

Labour selects current Oxford student as candidate for parliament

Rosie Sourbut, former Oxford University Labour Club co-chair and current student, has announced she is running as the Labour candidate in Oxford West and...

OULC votes to abolish private schools

At their General Meeting this evening, Oxford University Labour Club voted in favour of a motion to support the Abolish Eton campaign, also known...

Oxford Independent Group applies to become official student society

The group is part of Young Independents, the youth wing of Change UK-The Independent Group, a new political party founded by former Labour and Conservative MPs to oppose Brexit.

OULC chairs accused of ‘misleading and unfair’ conduct over attempt to control club’s relationship with the media

One anonymous OULC member told Cherwell "on certain issues the ability to voice dissent via the press is valuable, and the Labour club will ultimately be weaker for the absence of honest disagreement with the party line.”

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