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    Opinion: On Scotland, Devolution, and The Labour Party

    Unionism can only work if all nations are satisfied: a real regard for the Scottish people must be made. Such regard that is formed by compassion and a distribution of wealth, power and opportunity would ensure that this positive situation is not only made but sustained.

    Opinion – Why this government boils my piss

    First, I must admit I’m a leftist, I have my biases and I am certainly not a Boris Johnson fan but one consistent theme I...

    For Keir Starmer, Silence Truly is Golden

    Like it or loathe it, Prime Minister’s Questions is about as close to ‘entertainment’ as you’re likely to get in British politics. Every Wednesday...

    Long Read: The charitable status of private schools needs a makeover

    After experiencing the so-called charity of private schools for herself, Lucy Thynne wonders whether the charitable status of private schools needs a rethink

    Is soft socialism the way forward for Labour?

    Whether in Opposition or in Government, the position of (Shadow) Chancellor of the Exchequer is key to the functioning and coherence of any cabinet. You only...

    Starmer’s Labour: the long road to relevance

    'If you don’t look ready to lead the country, the country won’t put you in charge.' Ed Lawrence presents Labour's strategy for the next decade.

    Dodds backs Starmer for Labour Leader

    Anneliese Dodds, the Labour and Co-Operative MP for Oxford East, has nominated Keir Starmer for Leader of the Labour Party in the coming leadership...

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