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The NYT, AI, and how the internet could change in 2024

As The New York Times kicks off the year with a landmark copyright lawsuit, 2024 could very much be the year that the internet landscape and journalism change forever.

The Rejection Letter

"I’m also worried that I’m simply not interesting enough to care deeply about anything, and that means that I won’t succeed."

“It’s 99% politics and 1% law”. In conversation with Stella Assange.

The battle to free one of the most wanted men in the world, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has a passionate, dedicated champion in...

Journalism paywalls — a necessary evil?

If they don’t want to bow to pressures, sources are left with no option other than to start charging their readers.

Cherwell’s Top 40 BNOCs

Cherwell News presents the Top 40 BNOCs of Oxford.

Europe Underground: Journalism on the edge

Amidst the Ukraine crisis that has dominated European politics for the last several weeks, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán travelled to Moscow to meet...

Societies and Activities

It’s always worth joining at least one society during your time at Oxford. Whether that may be sports, music, drama, politics, student journalism, or...

The parallel pandemic: how should we address the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories?

"The physical impact of the virus is hugely concerning. But the threat from the parallel pandemic of misinformation – which is jeopardising our collective capability to agree on basic facts – should not be underestimated."

In conversation with Jonathan Wilson

"There’s no reason other than snobbism not to study it in the way you would study theatre or music or literature.”

The Height of Ignorance: Why the Media is Fascinated with the Link Between Covid-19 and Height

The fact that reports are downplaying the study’s other findings in favour of a focus on height suggests a more worrying trend.

The New Music Celebrity

The glossy pages of the likes of NME and Rolling Stone were pored over by music aficionados in the past, hoping for a snippet of the intent of...

Profile: Richard Bilton

Playwright Tom Stoppard said, “I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.” The...

Interview: David Aaronovitch

"The people’s whose future depends on this question are overwhelmingly against the thing we have decided for their future. That’s a problem."


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