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“These are full humans that we have to take in”: An Interview with the Cast of Quartet

I wrote Quartet over a year and a half ago in early 2020, sitting down for an hour every morning to chip away at it as my way of getting through a term in lockdown. Having handed over my script to the trusted hands of Alex Foster (director) and our stunning actors, I was itching to find out how Quartet has developed.

Talking to Paralympic gold-medallist Erin Kennedy: Competing at Tokyo 2020

Fresh off the plane from Tokyo, Paralympic gold medallist, two-time World Champion,European Champion, and current World Record Holder coxswain Erin Kennedy took sometime out...

Interview: Alexandra Andrews, author of Who is Maud Dixon?

Alexandra Andrews’s psychological thriller, Who is Maud Dixon?, tests the limits of fiction. Literally. The novel begins in media res: Florence Darrow wakes up...

In Conversation with Dick and Dom

When our Zoom call connects, Dom has his arm wrapped around the back of Dick’s chair. The pair are sitting in a normal-looking front...

Bodleian Bangers: Tom Fletcher

"You’re not going to get high quality from me today, nor a sophisticated taste. But I’m going to give you the honest truth." .

“We’re going into a new territory”: interviewing theatre director Sally Cookson

Sally Cookson is a theatre director who has worked on productions for theatres including the Old Vic London, the Bristol Old Vic, the National...

In Conversation with Judy Kuhn

“Here’s the thing about being an older woman…the roles are more interesting. People get more complex as they get older. And you have more life experience to bring to the role.”

Behind the BT

"What characterises Oxford drama? The energy and enthusiasm!"

In conversation with Normal People Director, Lenny Abrahamson

“It’s about trusting the capacity of the actors, but also the ability that human beings have to read each other. We do it all the time, we put together very strong pictures of how people are from very little.”

Oxford artist spotlight: in conversation with LZYBY

Emerging from the depths of lockdown, Oxford-based singer LZYBY (George Cobb) has made light work of spelling ‘Lazy Boy’, and even lighter work of...

In Conversation with India Hicks

Although having enjoyed a varied career, India Hicks is perhaps best known for two things: her eponymous lifestyle brand (now defunct), and being Prince...

In Conversation with Kris Hallenga

In 2019 Kris Hallenga posted a letter addressed to her past self on the CoppaFeel website, recognising a decade since she had been diagnosed...

‘The Last Five Years’: discussing adaptation, distance and theatre’s survival

Imagine if you could see how your relationships would end as soon as you started them. In The Last Five Years, this premise is...

In Conversation with Countess Alexandra Tolstoy

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy is the daughter of Count Nikolai Tolstoy-Miloslavsky, the current head of the noble House of Tolstoy, distantly related to Leo Tolstoy,...

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