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    In Conversation with “Women Behind the Wheel”

    "...we wanted to combine the idea of us as two women traveling along this road... while using our journey as a vehicle or an opportunity to meet local women and gain access to their stories."

    In Conversation With Velvet

    "If you haven’t heard of them, you should have."

    “A fantastic story of love and liberation”: An interview with the cast and director of ‘An American In Paris’

    "It’s been a process of figuring out how we can tease out those themes of love and liberation."

    Cherwell sits down with Oxford’s first state educated Vice-Chancellor

    This afternoon, Cherwell met with Irene Tracey, Oxford’s new Vice-Chancellor. Tracey was formerly Warden of Merton College, and was the Nuffield Chair of Anaesthetic...

    What is Human Sciences?

    As the degree celebrates its 50th year, Freya Jones asks current students what it’s actually about.

    Scenes with Girls: In conversation with Love Song Productions

    "The dialogue is simultaneously so realistic and so weird and the characters and themes felt like they would really ring true to a student audience."

    Wilde at heart: In Conversation with members of the Lincoln Drama Society

    It’s practically a cliché to say that with such short and busy terms, there are more events happening in Oxford than any person could...

    In conversation with the creatives behind Top Girls

    "Every play Caryl Churchill writes has revolutionised theatre."

    In Conversation with Dr Luke Evans MP

    CW: eating disorders, body image issues, dysmorphia I interviewed Dr Luke Evans, the Member of Parliament for Bosworth, on a cold London morning via Zoom....

    Girls and Dolls: In conversation with A² Productions

    "The popularity of Derry Girls [demonstrates] that shows like this, with a good balance of witty humour and colourful characters, family dynamics and psychological insights, are the perfect blend to watch."

    Defying Gravity: In conversation with Stephen Schwartz

    “I tend to be attracted to stories about outsiders,” Schwartz tells me at the beginning of our call, “about people who feel themselves not part of the culture or not part of the mainstream if you will, and are trying to figure out how to fit in, and what the cost is of doing so.”

    In conversation with Elaine Hsieh Chou

    Sonya Ribner interviews author Elaine Hsieh Chou.

    ‘Beckett on speed’: In conversation with Nocturne Productions

    "[...] they descend into paranoia, and carnage unfolds in a network of marvellously-layered backstabbing."

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