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Thursday, June 23, 2022

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Scenes with Girls: In conversation with Love Song Productions

"The dialogue is simultaneously so realistic and so weird and the characters and themes felt like they would really ring true to a student audience."

Wilde at heart: In Conversation with members of the Lincoln Drama Society

It’s practically a cliché to say that with such short and busy terms, there are more events happening in Oxford than any person could...

In conversation with the creatives behind Top Girls

"Every play Caryl Churchill writes has revolutionised theatre."

In Conversation with Dr Luke Evans MP

CW: eating disorders, body image issues, dysmorphia I interviewed Dr Luke Evans, the Member of Parliament for Bosworth, on a cold London morning via Zoom....

Girls and Dolls: In conversation with A² Productions

"The popularity of Derry Girls [demonstrates] that shows like this, with a good balance of witty humour and colourful characters, family dynamics and psychological insights, are the perfect blend to watch."

Defying Gravity: In conversation with Stephen Schwartz

“I tend to be attracted to stories about outsiders,” Schwartz tells me at the beginning of our call, “about people who feel themselves not part of the culture or not part of the mainstream if you will, and are trying to figure out how to fit in, and what the cost is of doing so.”

In conversation with Elaine Hsieh Chou

Sonya Ribner interviews author Elaine Hsieh Chou.

‘Beckett on speed’: In conversation with Nocturne Productions

"[...] they descend into paranoia, and carnage unfolds in a network of marvellously-layered backstabbing."

Bringing Oxford theatre to London via a garden shed: an interview with the cast and crew of Casterbridge

"It’s a bit of a mad play, and a lot of quite mad things happen, because that’s what happens when you translate Victorian characters into the modern era."

Star-Gazing: In Conversation With Cate Blanchett

It’s a strange feeling to stare into the void of a Zoom loading screen, waiting for a two-time Oscar winner to join the call. But that’s what I did one Sunday morning, counting the seconds until my interview with Cate Blanchett began.

New writing in Oxford: An interview with Shaw Worth and Kirsty Miles

"I think to write a play you’ve got to be constantly re-inspired. It requires so many exchanges between characters and demands inhabiting so many different psyches."

‘Persevering through anything’: An interview with the cast and crew of Sweeney Todd

'The most thrilling moment so far was singing the opening ballad as a whole cast with the band for the first time. I’d never felt such a mix of excitement and nerves and awe all at once.'

‘I’m a practical man’: Lech Wałęsa in conversation

There can’t be many people who have inspired both an opera and a U2 stadium anthem. President Lech Wałęsa may well be one of...

“There is more to you than you think…That seems to be the essence of faith”: Lord Rowan Williams speaks at Oxford Union

“I don’t think the church should ever be bound to a political program. It is not a party organisation. But what the Church can do in a huge variety of ways, is to remind the world around of what matters about human beings. That maybe done as basic as organising a local route of visiting people in the suburb of Cardiff. It maybe somebody from the Church, perhaps the Pope addressing the whole nation. It maybe anything in between."

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