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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: international

The British higher education system: rigid or rigorous?

‘I first realised I wanted to study History and only History when I was 7 and visited the Tower of London on a school...

Precarity and prejudice: reflections from a Chinese student in Oxford

CW: Mentions of Racism. "As a Chinese student in the West, I have found myself constantly caught in between the entanglement of racialized identities and international political battles." Flair Donglai SHI reflects on prejudice in its different forms.

Society Eats: Hungary

Hungarian cuisine is a prime example of excessive gluttony - that is exactly why it is worth trying

In Conversation with Jihyun Park

CW: Mention of torture and abuse Within the past few months, rumours claiming the death of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, have circled our news...

Opinion: COVID-19 shows a missed opportunity to tackle the climate crisis

"The public has immense power. We fuel the consumerist society we live in, we create the demand for products which destroy the planet."

I miss (E)U

What do you do when half your life is in the European Union, and the other half is about to leave it?

Hyeonseo Lee interview: “Until I don’t have to, I will continue my work.”

Once loyal to the regime, now determined to share the truth: North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee speaks to Oscar Baker about her mission.

A long way home

Living 10,000 miles away can be both a blessing and a curse

Music without borders : Misogyny and Bollywood

Jeevan Ravindran exposes the contradictions within Hindi cinema

Animal Ethics Fellows for Oxford

The Centre’s Fellowship includes academics from various countries

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