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Friday, June 24, 2022

Tag: international relations

Exclusive: Politics Faculty refuse to record ‘Politically Sensitive’ China lectures

For the last two years the Faculty of Politics and International Relations has not recorded lectures titled “Is China a Democracy?” and “On...

The Uyghur genocide and global inaction: Responsibility to Protect

" China, one amongst a host of global superpowers, exists in a ‘buffer zone’ from humanitarian intervention. To take action against the Chinese government is simply undesirable to the global community, over fears that it may lead to adverse economic consequences for major powers also." After President Biden dismissed the mass internment of Uyghur muslims in China as something that could be attributed to 'different cultural norms', Molly Simpson considers the reasons for the lack of international response.

Kurdistan: Betrayed again

"We're the eternal pawns in a toxic game of international chess."

The Paris Climate Accord is now little more than scrap paper

Daniel Villar argues that despite being formed with the best intentions, the Paris Climate Accord now serves as a reminder of a collective failure to combat climate change

The internet rules international relations

Katherine Pye outlines the influence of the internet revolution on global politics.

Profile: Michael Møller

Daniel Kodsi talks to the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva about the future of the United Nations

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