Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Objectify me: Social media and the perils of the aesthetic

Instagram necessitates such a reduction of character, and this forces us all to ask, when my life is reduced to just a few images, what do I want them to say?
BBC Social Media Infographic 2

Everything wrong with social media infographics: an informative thread

"Infographics also generate slacktivism, which gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something and creating change, whilst in reality not much is being done." Anvee Bhutani investigates the problems inherent in social media infographics.

Shadow banning and its role in modern day censorship

"Shadowbanning is a threat to us because it maintains for us the illusion of control."

Instagram and BLM: Is it better to say the wrong thing...

The oppression of human lives is not a trend, and should not be treated as such

Freshers, Friends, and Feuds: The Instagram world of Oxford offer holders

There's a new Instagram account making waves: @OxfordUniFreshers2020. The account posts submissions from Oxford offer holders, so incoming freshers can introduce themselves and get...

The fractured mind, literature, and society.

“I felt the narrowing of my life to a very fine point. A hard triangle of a life over and me sprawled at its peak, hopeless and lost.” - Russell Brand, describing a mental breakdown.

Word on the Street

Student style in its laidback, everyday glory

How Instagram ruined your summer

Can no one's summer be unproductive?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Whether Brandy Melville is selling clothes or unobtainable ideas doesn't matter, because they only come in one size

How to: ace the vac

It's less about revision and more about cultivating a refined online presence