Monday, September 20, 2021
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    Rebellion and Art

    Picture a circle of people holding hands, dancing around. Nothing particularly remarkable about that, right? Now imagine half of them as skeletons.

    Sex, drugs and gender roles: Frank Turner’s historical concept album

    A discussion of the new historical concept album from Frank Turner, "No Man's Land".

    “Queering Spires”: Museum’s appeal for queer history exhibition

    The curators of an upcoming exhibition celebrating Oxford’s everyday queer history are appealing for local people to loan memorabilia. “Queering Spires” is a collaboration between...

    Review: No Man’s Land – Frank Turner

    Why the newest offering from Frank Turner was a pleasant surprise

    Last Supper in Pompeii

    The enticing title doesn’t do justice, however, to the breadth of the collection: 400 objects from around the Roman world and beyond, covering centuries, showcasing the Romans’ relationship to food and drink.

    What is Beauty?

    The standards of beauty in the media are goalposts that are constantly being shifted by cultural currents in history. But are trends in literature and film of #bodypositivity and self-love doing enough? Georgia Watkins investigates.

    A Literary History of the F**kboy

    The narrative of resistance and domination in relationships has been the recourse of storytellers since pre-Christian times, with the same lurid, visceral quality evident in Greek myth as in the modern trend of disturbingly violent porn. Yet these primal, animalistic tropes of female subjugation now exist in a ‘civilised’ society, whose vernacular is one of #TimesUp, sex positivity and high-street feminism.

    Historian’s Oxford PhD error exposed on live radio

    Fellow historian Matthew Sweet labelled Wolf’s mistake a “pretty basic error”

    Interview: Lucy Worsley

    "I don't think history always 'gets better'": the historian and presenter on queens, clothing and curation

    St John’s creates post to research its colonial past

    The first post of its kind at Oxbridge, the research will focus on “explor[ing] connections between the college and colonialism".