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    Oxford removes Graduate Application Fee

    The University of Oxford has voted to abolish its Graduate Application Fee. Graduate applicants were previously charged £75 to apply to Oxford, however the University’s...

    Rent increases spark uncertainty for graduate students

    Graduate housing tenants have complained that University rent increases put them under increased financial pressure. A change in Oxford City Council policy also means...

    Tuition fee ‘cut’ to cost grads more in debt repayments

    Despite being billed as a cut in fees, the Augar proposals would see students pay far more in the years immediately following graduation, and probably in the long-term.

    Three-quarters of graduates will never pay off student loan, says major report

    Graduates will still be making payments into their 50s, IFS report finds

    Oxford business graduates are UK’s highest earners, report reveals

    Historians, philosophers, and engineers earn less according to new government report

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