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Screening the Regency: An exploration of historical costume design

The recent release of the first part of hit Netflix show Bridgerton’s third season has once again sparked discussion about its costuming and adherence...

The Oxford Fashion Gala: A deep dive into design

The Oxford Fashion Gala was an incredible success from start to finish. Designers, models and fashion lovers gathered to share their creativity and passion...

The Oxford Fashion Gala: A stellar display of talent

The evening of Wednesday 8th May brought a show that transcended the limitations of space and time in a beautiful portrayal of Oxford University’s...

Sunak’s Samba with the fashion industry

In Rishi Sunak’s recent Downing Street Interview, his words and promises were certainly not the star of the show. Showing off his Adidas Sambas,...

Nailed it! The evolution of nail art at our fingertips.

Nail art has truly taken the world by storm. With over 233 million people sharing their designs with #nails on Instagram, it is clear...

Rags to riches: unravelling the stitched up class divide in fashion

Fashion trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change, but is the UK class system still entrenched by these shifts in style?...

When wine goes bad

I could pretend I thought this through, or at least googled in advance

Mistakes and Markers of Time

"It's very easy to criticise and cringe at old pictures of yourself, wondering how your mum ever let you leave the house in your most treasured white ripped ‘joni jeans’"

The Oxford Fashion Gala is Back!

"After an incredible sold-out 2023 show, The Oxford Fashion Gala is back for 2024, so get the date in your diary (W3 TT24!)"

The Holy Trinity of women’s leg wear this summer

"In a moment of divine inspiration, I googled this years predicted fashion trends before I hit the January sales, in the hope that this year my outfits might be both cheap and trendy."

Poor Things – Fashion Deconstructed

"Disturbing and spirited, Poor Things unconventional story is truly supported by equally unconventional but meaningful designs."

The Modern Corset

"Corsets boast a captivating history spanning centuries, originally worn to sculpt the female silhouette."

Saltburn: a Mid-Noughties Fashion Revival

"It seems necessary to dissect Fennell’s portrayal of noughties trends to see what deserves to return, and what ought to be left in the past."

2023 Fashion: Wrapped

"As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on and deconstruct the year’s most popular fashion trends."

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