Sunday, August 1, 2021
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    SU Fair Outcomes for Students releases update

    The Student Union’s Fair Outcomes for Students campaign has released two new goals for the future. It aims to open more study spaces and...

    Over 30 exams planned to take place in person this Trinity...

    Twenty exams have been confirmed to take place in person this year, with a further 15 papers set to be confirmed dependent on the...

    BREAKING: University announces further information about this year’s exams

    "More detailed information about this term’s academic provision has also been released, including the announcement that those taking exams this term will be expected to take the same number of papers and assessments as usual."

    Oxford SU respond to exam policy changes

    "Oxford SU have released a statement responding to the University’s new exams policy, announced last Friday."

    Oxford University confirms no safety net

    "“The pandemic continues to provide us with significant challenges, but please rest assured that supporting your academic success is a key priority for everyone at the University."

    Safety nets deemed not “necessary or appropriate” in Russell Group statement

    ""Our universities will continue to work in partnership with our students to review our approach to mitigation measures and make any necessary changes to ensure these are as effective, compassionate and empathetic as they can be."

    ‘We Don’t Need No Education’: Assessing What Matters in Schools

    "In this drive to ascribe value to students, we risk losing sight of what learning can and should be: an ongoing, unfolding and communal process."

    Opinion – The Education System Is Broken

    TW: self-harm, substance abuse New commission, Cherwell Comment: **The Education system is utter garbage!** Eh, could be a tough crowd to sell this one to....

    Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education clarifies Trinity examinations arrangements

    Following concerns raised by a number of students surrounding academic arrangements for Trinity term, Cherwell reached out to Martin Williams, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education for...

    Oxford releases Safety Net Policy for remote assessments

    The University of Oxford has released its examination ‘Safety Net Policy’ this morning. This policy has been made for subjects where remote assessments are...