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    Oxford students to receive £500,000 from new engineering scholarship

    Two leading UK defence, aerospace, and technology companies, Cobham and Ultra Electronics, have announced a scholarship programme for engineering undergraduates from underrepresented groups. The...

    Unlocking the Power of EdTech: Revolutionising Education for a Brighter Future

    EdTech: Pioneering the Future of Education In today's modern era, technology's imprint is increasingly prominent, reshaping all aspects of our lives, and carving a new...

    St Stephen’s House – an almost love letter to the PGCE “Party college”

    At the age of about 12, I saw a priest smoking a cigarette around the back of a church and knew from the look...

    Advertorial: Discover the Warwick Business School Finance Masters portfolio

    An advertorial from the Warwick Business School sharing information about their Finance Masters portfolio and postgraduate scholarships.

    Writing on the Filing Cabinets: A State School Student’s Response to Emma Duncan

    "The implication that our [state school students'] presence is a threat to upholding the average IQ here is unbelievably condescending."

    The life-sucking vampire: exams and the logic of capitalism

    Elena Rotzokou makes the case against exams as a mode of assessment, pointing towards their arbitrariness as well as the negative impacts of their all-or-nothing nature. Rotzokou claims that the unhealthy logic of exams cannot be disentangled from capitalist and neoliberal thinking.

    What’s in a name? The social inequality attached to where we go to school

    "If you go to a school with a widely known ‘name’ then, whether you want it or not, people perceive it to be one of your characteristics."

    Elitism and colonialism’s residue: Pakistan’s education system is in crisis

    "With 35.1% of the population between the ages of 0 and 14, education standards must be improved or else the youth bulge threatens to hamper economic growth for several decades to come."

    La Vie en Rose: The new teacher

    She entered with big doughy eyes and a welcoming self-effacing buzz-cut – making her seem above the superficial and the hair-possessing. She looks a...

    Europe Underground: Journalism on the edge

    Amidst the Ukraine crisis that has dominated European politics for the last several weeks, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán travelled to Moscow to meet...

    La Vie en Rose: Babysitting the strawberries

    Nowadays there’s a lot of ‘main character’ talk. One woman who has not only understood the assignment, but puts to shame all other competing...

    I’m a student… get me out of here!

    It is a thought that fills me with me with apprehension. A feeling so confusing that even my stomach does not understand whether to...

    The British higher education system: rigid or rigorous?

    ‘I first realised I wanted to study History and only History when I was 7 and visited the Tower of London on a school...

    Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative finds gender disparities in access to education within poor households

    Completed by the United Nations Development Program and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), the study found that one in six of the world’s poor live in households where no woman or girl has completed six years of education but at least one man or boy has.

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