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Raging against the dying of the light: what the DUP’s predicament tells us about the state of unionism in Northern Ireland

"But on 5th May 2022, when Northern Ireland goes to the polls to elect representatives to its legislature, the DUP is expected to have its long shadow over Northern Irish politics substantially shortened. Polls have consistently shown the party’s leader – Sir Jeffery Donaldson – as the most unpopular of the Northern Irish political leaders, and the party has been embattled by resurgent intra-community political rivals."

It’s our generation’s responsibility

20 years after the Good Friday Agreement was ratified by dual referenda, Peter Madden and Conleth Burns reflect on the journey travelled so far and the challenges ahead with former Permanent Secretary of the Northern Ireland Office, Sir Jonathan Phillips

View from Northern Ireland: a caveat for the Conservatives

Daniel Xu discusses why the Conservatives should be wary of the DUP as their new political allies

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