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    The annual token black Love Island contestant

    "Year after year, the black woman faces an intolerable amount of rejection."

    Oxford’s diversity deficit

    Recent strike action by university staff across the UK has once again highlighted concerns over the wages and working conditions in academia.

    The Myth of Representation 

    "Visibility matters in today's world"

    Access fatigue at Oxford: Letting ‘them’ in and letting ‘them’ down

    "...my own feelings towards outreach are a lot more complex than they were when I first started."

    Rubbish representation in schools, syllabuses and beyond

    But it’s not good enough to leave it to often privileged tutors, canon-compilers and Education Secretaries to dictate which texts we study. Time and time again, they have failed to achieve even the remotest degree of representation, a damning outcome in a subject which is so linked to identity and the self. The texts we study at school and beyond should be chosen and shaped by the diverse populations reading them.

    Barbie reborn

    CW: Body image When I learnt that a new Barbie film is coming out in 2023, my first reaction was excitement. The batch of...

    Oxford research: changes to history teaching to address diversity

    The report – which surveyed 316 teachers from a variety of different English schools – states that “the most important reasons cited for making changes to the curriculum were a sense of social justice, to better represent the nature of history and the stimulus of recent events.”

    Can you be a feminist and watch Love Island?

    One of the main issues for me, and many others, is the sheer lack of diversity on Love Island.

    “Je ne comprends pas”: learning to love bilingual literature

    My first experience of reading a bilingual novel was both painful and involuntary. It was that heady World Cup summer of 2018 – the...

    The #OwnVoices Movement: Whose Voices Are Being Heard?

    From abandoning the acronym BAME to placing diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their values, representation has never been so important in the...

    Deconstructing Dr Seuss: the issue of diversity in children’s literature

    'After a report in 2020 revealed that only 5% of British children’s books featured a Black or minority ethnic main character, other titles are providing much needed representation.'

    ‘Too diverse’: the racist backlash to Fred Perry

    If you’re a person of colour, or a minority in the UK, it is more than likely that you become desensitised to casual racism....

    Oxford delays publication of access reports because of current “world events”

    The University of Oxford have delayed the publication of their yearly admissions and diversity data, due to be published today, in light of current “world events”. The HuffPost...

    Oxford Union falls short on Michaelmas reforms

    Union staff have failed to complete diversity and equality training, and committee training in Hilary term was not attended by the full committee. In Michaelmas,...

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