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Get ready for the most important year of your life, yet

The days we are living through will be the subject of history books, but the story is yet to be written. 2024 will be a crucial year for the struggles of our time – for the climate, for our rights, for our lives, and for the world as we know it.

The Age of Multipolarity

Lord Cameron put it aptly when he recently stated that,“The world has changed significantly since I first entered government, and we live in very...

Why We Might Not Beat Climate Change

"The only rational response to this two-headed paradox may be doomerism"

The rituals of our farcical politics

...we wonder, why is there no decency left in politics anymore?

Oxford Union votes not to fight for democracy abroad

Following Saturday’s debate, the Oxford Union has voted against fighting for democracy, individual liberty, and the rule of law abroad, as part of a...

“It’s 99% politics and 1% law”. In conversation with Stella Assange.

The battle to free one of the most wanted men in the world, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has a passionate, dedicated champion in...

A Very French Protest

The beginning of a cure must be the restoration of those democratic habits and practices that had served us well

Greatly Exaggerated Rumors: A Response to Samuel Moore

Moore has, with all due respect, failed to grasp some facts about American Constitutional law.

The Silenced Majority: The Forty-Year-Old Conspiracy to Abolish American Democracy

"While QAnon-spouting Trumpers certainly are frightening, these black-robed theocrats send a shiver down my spine unlike any other."

The iron fist of a former Prosecutor General: The future of Korean politics

It has been more than half a year since the 2022 South Korean presidential elections were held. COVID-19, growing economic inequality, an unfair housing...

UK Democracy is broken. Here’s how we can fix it.

As a new prime minister enters office after only earning 57% of the Conservative member vote and receiving the lowest vote share of any...

Exclusive: Politics Faculty refuse to record ‘Politically Sensitive’ China lectures

For the last two years the Faculty of Politics and International Relations has not recorded lectures titled “Is China a Democracy?” and “On...

Capitol Riots: Putsch and Prejudice

'It is difficult to overstate the rage I feel against America’s right wing for allowing us to get to this point. Shame on Mitch McConnell. Shame on Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Shame on every Republican who acquitted Trump of impeachment charges. Shame on the entire Trump family and every single one of his enablers.

A Eulogy for America’s Postal Service

"This is a public and unadulterated attempt to sway the presidential election through suppressing postal voting."

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