Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    The Ultimate Face off: Vine or TikTok?

    Forever in Our Hearts, The Legacy of Vine by Lizzie Harvey Like it or not, Vine’s legacy is undeniable. Despite shutting down in 2016, its online cultural...

    Debate: Is banning books ever justified?

    The Case For Edward McLaren The case for banning certain works of fiction is often understated. While we like to pretend immoral books that focus...

    Oxfess Wars: Fun, Harmful, or just plain Boring?

    Most Oxford students’ lives right now are defined by uncertainty. Will we be faced with an online Michaelmas as well as Trinity? When will we be able...

    This House Believes Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend

    Jasper Evans and William McCathie debate whether our canine companions are truly our best friends.

    This House Believes… This Government Has Been A Disaster

    Proposition - Eleanor Ruxton, Keble College The last election was, for many, the political equivalent of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Those...

    The Personal is the Political

    He was a boy She was a girl Can I make it any more obvious? He was a punk She did ballet What more can I say? He wanted her She'd...

    Debate: The West Has No Role To Play In The Middle...

    Proposition - Leo Rogers When considering as large a question as the West’s role in the Middle East, we should be starting with the bare...

    Debate: This House Believes Oxford is for Students, Not Tourists

    Does Oxford cater more to tourists than students?

    This house believes genetic engineering is irresponsible

    William Atkinson and Yaelle Goldschlag debate whether gene editing should have a future.

    Everyone’s a Critic

    Readers don’t want to read an essay. If they did, they would be scouring SOLO instead of flicking through a newspaper. The majority simply want to know if buying a ticket translates into a fun evening out.