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    Cherwell’s College Bar Crawl

    https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/12291730/ A lot can be discovered about a college’s culture from the ingredients of their college drink. The ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude that is...

    The formation and growth of Somerville-Corpus Women’s Rugby Football Club

    At the start of this term, after years of trying to establish a women’s team, the Somerville-Corpus Women’s Rugby Football Club held their inaugural...

    Oxford hit by mumps outbreak

    LMH, Brasenose, and Corpus have all acknowledged outbreaks of the disease. Cases have also been reported at Univ, Oriel, Hertford, and Queen’s.

    Corpus warns students of mumps outbreak

    In an email from the College Nurse and Welfare Dean, students were advised to "not attend tutorial, lectures or interact with other students for 5 days after the initial development".

    Corpus JCR motion proposes to declare war on MCR

    "The mortal enemy of this JCR is our counterpart MCR, and there shall be no peace until the MCR surrenders and pays appropriate reparations," the motion read.

    Corpus Christi JCR calls for Parks College plans to be stopped

    An open letter from the JCR Committee called the proposal “an embarrassing attempt at increasing the University’s prestige, which would demean students, faculty and the Colleges.”

    Corpus votes to rename room named after alleged sex offender

    The JCR president will now lobby college authorities to implement the motion

    The road to affordable housing in Oxford is not a simple path

    Colleges own swathes of Oxford’s green belt, pitting local residents against the growing need to build more homes. Libby Cherry investigates the growing divide.

    Corpus seconds finally triumph

    Dermot Cudmore reports on a rare win for Corpus Seconds

    Corpus end five-year cricket dry spell

    Captain Peter Woodcock reports on his side's first victory over another College's First XI since 2012

    Corpus JCR rejects fines

    Students call for alternative punishments amid claims that excessive fines are discriminatory

    Merton Street shut after Corpus boppers take to the roof

    Fire engines called after several Corpus Christi students climbed on the roof following a bop

    One thing I’d change about Oxford: free the tortoises

    Ben Evans imagines an Oxford where the noble college tortoise roams wild and free

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