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New asylum laws aren’t just impractical and illegal: they are abhorrent

'The reality is that this, like many of this government's policies, is pure showmanship.'

Dahl in the Dock; or, the publishing industry and its consequences 

"Modern editors aim to unanchor texts from their historical moorage."

A Day in the Life of a Mafia Boss’ Daughter

"It is hard to detach oneself from such widely-held stereotypes."

I hate to love Love Island, but even I will be switching off this time

Jack explores Love Island's sinister undertones; body image, gender roles, relationship and diversity.

ChatGPT: The future of journalism?

Impersonation in the extreme?  Perhaps, but the ability of the model to learn and adapt its styles is remarkable.

Benedict XVI’s legacy – a misunderstood pope?

Benedict XVI, certainly, did not possess the charisma or the pastoral attention of his successor, yet he laid the strong foundations for Francis’ pontificate.

Driven: how Oxford’s BNOC culture is symptomatic of today’s political ills

What is a glaring error in our politics is the desire to get to the top of the pile not because of what you believe in, but because you want the title out of vanity.

Greatly Exaggerated Rumors: A Response to Samuel Moore

Moore has, with all due respect, failed to grasp some facts about American Constitutional law.

Confessions of a Theatre Kid: Debunking The Myth

"This problematic and relentless framing of the theatre kid as marginalised or an 'underdog'... misses the fact that the arts are propped up by privilege."

NHS in crisis – Oxford braced for student return

The only thing that makes our health system stand out at the moment is that it is in a worst state than any other in the developed world.  

2022 – A Year in Review

"Here is our selection of 2022’s drama, disaster, and craziness and what I, the Cherwell team, and the University community had to say about them."

Ghosts of Christmas Past: strikes and parliamentary self-fictionalisation. 

Moving away from the twentieth century seems unappealing to some members of the Tory party

The House of Lords – Necessary reform?

A more pragmatic approach would be to enact targeted reform.

Voter Identification: A dangerous pathway to unnecessary discrimination

"The biggest problem with ID requirements is that they are inherently discriminatory."

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