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    “There’s a lot of men out there that should’ve been hugged more by their dads”: In conversation with Maisie Adam

    If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I’d get the chance to sit down with a comedic hero of mine, I...

    Dead Man’s Suitcase: A Review

    "At once funny and profound, Dead Man’s Suitcase is a treat for the senses."

    Flora’s Fringe Guide

    I went up to Fringe in the first week and saw as much as I possibly in order to recommend to you lot what’s worth seeing and what’s not, so please read on for my top recs! 

    In Defence of James Corden

    "So where did it go so wrong? Well, there is no disputing his most incredible talent of worming his way into just about every corner of popular culture."

    “Student drama done right” – Review: Much Ado About Nothing

    "The production harnesses its idyllic, summery setting to explore the [...] ideals of love and courtship in a world dominated by gendered notions of how honour is achieved, and the use of deception as a means to an end."

    ‘A wildly enjoyable ride’ – Review: The Importance of Being Nihilists

    "We’re left with a simple truth: not everything has a deeper answer, and perhaps we shouldn’t be looking for one."

    ‘I laughed so much that my face hurt’ – Review: The Jericho Comedy Gala 2022

    "At best, I expected a night of mildly diverting entertainment – perhaps an audience member would heckle someone – and at worst, I was bracing myself for two hours of second-hand embarrassment. Anyone who is familiar with Jericho Comedy will already know how wrong I was: I laughed so much at this comedy gala that my face hurt."

    ‘A masterclass in laugh-a-minute sketches’ – Review: The People vs. The Oxford Revue

    It is an amazing skill to have such a carousel of worlds and people played by the same few actors, and yet the show never felt disjointed; it was almost as if the tennis players, the telly-tubbies and the young conservatives were all interconnected.

    In Conversation With Mae Martin

    There’s something slightly surreal about emailing someone whose comedy routines regularly pop up on your Facebook feed, whose new hit comedy ‘Feel Good’ got...

    In Conversation with Catherine Cohen

    There’s only one Catherine Cohen. It’s something you realise about five minutes into watching her perform — she’s just burped. “I’m sorry,” she says nonchalantly,...

    Review: Oxford Mind Comedy Gala

    "There were two questions heading into the night: how much money could the crowd raise, and how well have the comedians adapted their acts to fit the online format? Both questions were answered emphatically, as the audience raised over £3000." Noah Cohen-Greenberg and Owen Foster review the Zoom comedy fundraiser, Oxford Mind Comedy Gala

    Dip your toe into Schitt’s Creek

    Schitt’s Creek is a show where the main character talks to her many, many wigs. It is a show which manages to make a...

    The comedy bug

    No sympathy laughs from your mate when the joke doesn’t quite land; no in-jokes to fall back on; no new haircut to make fun of. Comedy is a savage mistress.

    A Recipe for the ‘Great British Sitcom’

    It seems difficult to think of anything so integrally British as the phenomenon known as the ‘Great British Sitcom’. Up there with scones, Big...

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