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    Council rejects Plush’s application to stay open later

    Police raised concerns that it could lead to increased crime levels in the area

    Cellar: a haven for nonconformists

    Cellar is more than just a club, it is a theme in and of itself. Most people describe Cellar as sweaty or grungy, but...

    Night Out: May Day Reviews

    "May Day is the busiest student night out of the year, so who wouldn’t want to spend it in a club that was once voted the third worst in Britain?"

    Life Divided: May Day or Nay Day?

    A once in a year opportunity or a waste of a few hours of sleep? Two writers come to blows

    Eat Sleep Rep Repeat

    At a university where students can't work, club repping is not worth the "easy" money.

    Dick and Dom: life out of da bungalow

    Dick and Dom in da Bungalow won Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood the hearts of children across the nation. Samuel Juniper tries to meet the men behind the personas


    Eleanor Birdsall-Smith and Megan Husain explore how clubbing attire for women is increasingly becoming sexier and more revealing

    St Peter’s students buy Wahoo sign

    JCR crowd-fund to afford sign following club's closure

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