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Rags to riches: unravelling the stitched up class divide in fashion

Fashion trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change, but is the UK class system still entrenched by these shifts in style?...

On Saltburn, integrity and class

But Saltburn would have been very boring if Oliver had just been honest. 

Is the minority still the majority?

"Since the proportion of state school students at Oxford has risen, so has the number of screaming headlines in the national press"

The Economics of Pride

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” The...

Oxford University and the alienation of working students

"Working a job during university, it’s easy to become dissociated from both: always slightly excluded from the freedoms of non-working students, but never able to fully relate to the lives of coworkers."

Opinion – veganism is not yet fully accessible

Creating an aura of exclusivity around a philosophy which can, realistically, only be elevated above the status of a social statement to become genuinely impactful with mass participation, is entirely counter intuitive.

The Place of Regional Theatre

The power of identity is arguably greater today than ever before. The stale, collective “British” identity is slowly being pervaded by the vibrant diversity...


"Oxford may be one of the best universities around the world, but if we pay the same as everyone else for tuition, why can’t we pay the same for entertainment?"

The ‘best’ cannot mean the most exclusive

The UK’s least socially inclusive university is in need of radical admissions reform

How Oxford culture is dominated by the most privileged

The issue is not a simple matter of discrimination but long term deficiencies in cultural upbringing in less privileged students

A Letter To: My tute partner

Daaniel Issaq Chaudhry gets real about 'that' tute partner

More offers for women than men for first time

This year’s intake of freshers was made up of a total of 1,070 18-year-old women, compared to 1,025 men

Blame for our University’s blatant inequality should lie with the education system, not with Oxford

Startling figures released by Cherwell last week are indicative of educational divides that arise much earlier than Oxford admissions, argues Rachel Collett

Twelve private schools gain more Oxford offers than the north

Privileged elite continue to dominate Oxbridge admissions

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