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    Hanging in there: The ‘Myrkl’ pill that might change the way Oxford drinks

    Hangover anecdotes tend to interest their teller more than their audience. So, I’ll let you read some triumphant exceptions to the rule written by...

    “There’s a lot of men out there that should’ve been hugged more by their dads”: In conversation with Maisie Adam

    If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I’d get the chance to sit down with a comedic hero of mine, I...

    Week 5 editorial

    Pieter Garicano, Cherwell Editor-in-Chief: A feature of student journalism is the lack of distance between the journalist and their subject. The media in London get...

    Week 3 editorial

    Pieter Garicano, Cherwell Editor-in-Chief: Our front page this week deals with the mismarking of finals and their consequences. One student had a 64 marked as...

    Week 1 editorial

    Statement of retraction: On Tuesday night, we received a complaint about an article which had been published in our Life section and which was...

    Week 0 editorial

    Pieter Garicano, Cherwell Editor-in-Chief: Sometimes, things are as bad as they seem. A gale descends on the global economy. The energy and cost-of-living crisis will...

    Comment highlights MT21

    'Impossible to choose' Leah Mitchell We’ve had so many great articles this term that I found it impossible to choose just one! My particular highlights were...

    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Cherwell and The Oxford Student to merge

    Cherwell and The Oxford Student have announced their upcoming merger in a bid to create a gigantic student paper. The merger will create the opportunity...

    A history of Punting: past and present

    Looking back at the history of Oxford punting

    JCR Presidents brand University’s mental health provisions “completely unsustainable”

    The letter claimed that "There has been a severe lack of public leadership on this issue from the University governance".

    Technical difficulties delay Union term card release

    Apple delayed registering the app due to technical problems

    Bridgit: the simple power of looking

    "It is Bridgit’s shaky, close-up quality that makes the work – it’s relatable and reachable."

    The King of The Fall rises from Starboy’s ashes

    Orlaith Fox praises the moody R&B singer's latest offering

    ‘An anthology of divergent styles that promise a skyward trajectory’

    Tom Misch’s full length debut shows remarkable maturity, challenging conventional genre boundaries with verve

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