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Monday, June 27, 2022

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Comfort Films: A Good Year

A charming British Rom-Com set in the idyllic Provence countryside, what more could you want? Sign me up, sign yourself up, sign everyone up....

Why a No-Deal Brexit could mean the end of British Film

But it’s independent British films that have the most to fear in the looming shadow of a no-deal Brexit. Most people working in the film industry voted against leaving altogether – why? Because the European Union massively supports creative industries in a way that our government alone either can’t or won't.

Top Five Must-See ‘Coming of Age’ Films

"‘Coming of age’ isn’t just an umbrella term for drippy films caught up in teenage drama"

Review: Eddie the Eagle – ‘he’s a laughing stock’

Eddie the Eagle is the same bland, fabricated underdog cliché we’ve seen time and again, writes Tom Barringer

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