Monday, October 18, 2021
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Will Neill’s Real Deal: Tory Conference and the Politics of Inhumanity

Week one of Michaelmas term, and Freshers Flu has swept through Oxford like a tsunami. Hacking coughs, snotty noses, and cold sweats are currently...

BREAKING: Boris Johnson confirms return to normal

"In a press conference today, Johnson affirmed that all social-distancing rules will be removed, and national mask-mandates repealed two weeks from now."
Art of Boris Johnson in the House of Commons with words coming out of his mouth which read 'The leaders of tomorrow look suspiciously like ...'

The Undercurrent: the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ look suspiciously like the...

In light of this week's political debacle, perhaps it's time to stop pretending that Oxford’s obsession with producing ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ is in any way healthy.

The Punjabi Farmers Standing up for India’s Democracy

Photographs of the ongoing Indian farmer strikes have trickled through to social media feeds across the world, in stark contrast with the relative silence...

Opinion: Boris cannot ‘take back control’ when there is none left

"Boris is sending the message that the law is not to be taken seriously. And if that is the case, why follow it?"

A Losing Battle: London-centrism and the Northern Powerhouse

"There is a distinct lack of investment in the infrastructure of the North, and, with a string of governments failing to address the issue, the problem has for a long time been abandoned to the inhabitants themselves."

Opinion: Ignore those saying otherwise – coronavirus has proven that devolution...

"Covid-19 has, in many ways, been an endorsement, rather than an exposé, for the future of devolution."

Boris Johnson criticises Oriel’s Rhodes decision

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Boris Johnson said he disagrees with Oriel College’s decision to support removing a statue of Cecil Rhodes....

OPINION: The new foreign policy and international aid ‘super-department’ suggests the...

"Aid must be apportioned on the basis of necessity first and foremost, not dictated by foreign policy interests"

Opinion – Why this government boils my piss

First, I must admit I’m a leftist, I have my biases and I am certainly not a Boris Johnson fan but one consistent theme I...