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    New Bodleian exhibit sheds light on destructive legacy of the British Empire

    "The exhibition will take its visitors on a unique journey through the history of the slave trade by forcing them to consider the simple tools that ultimately enabled this systemic persecution."

    SU pass motion to lobby to remove the Sackler name from library

    A motion to remove the Sackler Library name from the Bodleian Libraries building has been passed by the Student Union. The motion, heard in...

    Bodleian Library introduces suspension policy

    "Dealing with a shortage of library slots since Michaelmas, the Bodleian Library has introduced a new booking system whereby students who fail to turn up to sessions without cancelling beforehand risk being suspended from the service."

    Not “safe or sustainable”: Bodleian Libraries’ reading rooms remain open

    “The only way to keep us safe is to immediately close all open libraries and move to remote services only, with measures put in place to minimise the risk of travel."

    Students frustrated by Bodleian Libraries system

    Students returning to Oxford for Michaelmas have found the system put in place over the summer by the Bodleian Libraries increasingly impractical. With library...

    Bodleian Libraries to close

    As a result of university wide policy changes due to Covid-19, the Bodleian Libraries will be closing tomorrow. These changes were announced in an...

    Review: Talking Maps

    The first wall of this Weston Library exhibition focuses on Oxford, offering the visitor visions of Oxfords which could have been and those which remain in the past.

    Bodleian celebrates 50th anniversary of Moon landing

    This Saturday, the Bodleian Libraries is holding an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. The Lunar Activity Day, which will be held...

    Trinity building proposal approved despite Bodleian opposition

    Bodleian staff noted concern that the Weston Library would experience a "reduction in light" and an "increase in noise"

    Georgian independence petition discovered at Bodleian

    The petition is the first documented occasion of the Georgian population protesting for further rights as a nation

    Bodleian to exhibit unpublished JRR Tolkien artworks

    The three works, which have never before been viewed by the public, date back to Tolkien’s early years in Oxford

    Oxford charged students £50k more in library fines than any other university

    King's College London was the only other university to collect fines of over £100,000

    King of Spain tours Oxford during state visit

    Felipe VI chose to end his state visit with a topical speech at the Bodleian Library

    Denis Healey’s archives to be stored in the Bodleian

    Wilson-era notes and letters accepted in lieu of £75,670 of inheritance tax

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