Friday, May 20, 2022
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Auntythetical: Is beauty in the eye of the coloniser?

I regularly feel overlooked in favour of my white peers. I know that this isn’t just a ‘me problem’, having discussed this with my other Asian friends, but it feels incredibly personal.

Two Poems

"The memory is hazy, the photographic still of the memory I keep in my head, more so."

Being Ugly: Why We are Not All Beautiful (and that is...

'I want to have the right to be ugly and to be respected.' Lily Kershaw warns us against meaningless platitudes.

Day to live, day to love

Today is a Sunday, and today is a beautiful day to be alive

What is Beauty?

The standards of beauty in the media are goalposts that are constantly being shifted by cultural currents in history. But are trends in literature and film of #bodypositivity and self-love doing enough? Georgia Watkins investigates.

“Oh, what a beautiful claw!”

Why male designers are fascinated by 'deformed' women

A round-up of spring 2019 beauty trends

‘Florals? For Spring? Ground-breaking.’ (Opening a fashion article with that quote? Ground-breaking.) Except, Miranda Priestly’s eviscerating dismissal (coupled with a withering stare) is perhaps...

Touch, tenderness, and technology in Cloud of Petals

Sarah Meyohas’ new exhibition embraces electronic form in its exploration of beauty, writes Eleanor Birdsall-Smith

Debunking the myth behind organic beauty

Beth Brand investigates the rising trend of ‘organic’ beauty and asks if we should be more sceptical

Analysing men, makeup, and masculinity

Beauty correspondent Beth Brand investigates the outdated stigma surrounding the male beauty industry