Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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    ADHD among the dreaming spires

    CW: Contains descriptions of addiction.  "It’s like jenga. I build a tower, I gradually remove blocks, and then BAM! I collapse." IK reflects on their experiences as an Oxford student with ADHD.

    City Council to hold Conflict Awareness Training for Members

    On March 2nd, Oxford City Council approved a recommendation to hold conflict awareness training for its members. This is meant to help ensure the safety...

    Somerville all-women panel highlights plight of female refugees

    The World Refugee Day discussion comes in a series of panels aiming to give women a greater platform

    Raising awareness of suicide shouldn’t mean sacrificing sensitivity

    ITV's new installation could negatively affect those it claims to support

    Lowering the voting age is unnecessary and wrong

    Political awareness does not automatically entitle you to the vote, argues Jordan Bernstein

    A voice for the evidence of the refugee crisis

    Mia Neafcy and Sai Parepalli explore the links between art and awareness