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Ranking Oxford Clubs

"While all the clubs in Oxford struggle to compete with the rest of the country, we have what we have, and my relative ratings of each are below."

Student safety is not a joke: Clubs need to do better

"In the current climate, where discussions around women’s safety are finally getting the awareness they deserve, you would think the bouncers would have prioritised my wellbeing over their need for a power trip."

ATIK nightclub closes in solidarity with nightlife boycott

ATIK has released a statement on instagram saying “after much consideration and after listening to both our staff and our guests, we can confirm we’ve taken the decision to close our student night, Park End, on Wednesday 27th October in solidarity with the nightlife boycott.”

Oxford to join nationwide boycott of nightclubs in protest over spiking

Oxford is joining a number of universities across the UK in having a ‘Girls Night In’,  in which students of all genders are encouraged to boycott nightclubs. The Oxford protest is due to take place on Wednesday the 27th of October, with other universities staging protests from the 25th of October to the 3rd of November.

Students raise safety concerns over ‘extremely frightening’ Park End queue

“It was an extremely frightening experience; several people were experiencing panic attacks."

Fuzzy Ducks moves to Emporium

From Wednesday of freshers' week, 'Park End' will replace Fuzzy Ducks at Atik

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