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    UK government plans to cut university funding for creative subjects

    "The cut will affect all students, but particularly those from less privileged backgrounds who may rely on local, less well funded institutions that cannot divert funds from elsewhere."

    Creativity and Covid-19: How social interaction fuels the creative industries

    "Social interaction is fundamental for the financial wellbeing of creative industries, to provide a stimulus for new art, to exhibit art and also to remunerate those who devote their time to create it." George Newton discusses the impact of lockdown on artistic creativity and stimulus.

    Take it and Run – Philanthropy, The Sacklers and You

    Object to the Sacklers all you like - their donations are essential to preserving our cultural heritage, and offer them little in return

    Denis Healey’s archives to be stored in the Bodleian

    Wilson-era notes and letters accepted in lieu of £75,670 of inheritance tax

    Alternative funding methods will be salvation for the arts

    Eimer McAuley proposes a solution to remedy increasing cuts to cultural services in the UK

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