Friday, May 27, 2022
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Tag: arms trade

Saïd Business School at night with a poster on it. Zoomed in the Poster reads: "See these buildings? They honour the Arms Trade. Does that sicken you? It sickens us."

Disarm Oxford posters criticise Oxford University’s “ties to the arms trade”

"The posters were placed by the relatively new group Disarm Oxford. Disarm Oxford seeks to lobby “the University — departments and colleges — to sever ties with arms companies, to stop taking research funding from such companies and to cease Careers Service advertising for them”."

Oxford’s weapons research revealed

In 2017, with the Saudi-led blockade and bombing of Yemen at its height, a Pembroke Professor travelled to the UAE. He was there to advise the country's military leaders and Prime Minister, a dictator accused of war crimes by the UN, on military strategy.