Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Tag: animal rights

A man holding a white sign with red writing saying: "SAY NO TO RE-OPENING OF THE OXFORD GREYHOUND STADIUM"

Plans to restart greyhound racing in Oxford met with opposition

“Oxford Vegan Action and animal rights charity PETA have expressed their opposition to restarting Greyhound racing at Oxford Stadium. Oxford Vegan Action have held in-person protests, while PETA have started a petition urging the Council to use the stadium for “sports that involve willing human participants”.”

Opinion – Love Island, veganism, and viewer hypocrisy

When I was younger, I used to have no reservations about killing innocent animals simply for enjoyment. My dad used to drive me in...

Circus life is no life for animals

In a week where Oxford hosts a circus, should be asking what place do animals still have in these performances?

International animal rights protest comes to Oxford

The activists gathered outside McDonald's on Cornmarket