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    ‘Not my King’: charges dropped against Oxford activist who spoke against monarchy

    After shouting “who elected him?” during King Charles’s proclamation ceremony through Oxford, activist Symon Hill was arrested for a public order offence. Cherwell can...

    Oxford isn’t designed to change

    "Oxford is doing what it is designed to do: reconstruct and renew Britain’s elite first, act as an educational institution second."

    Women’s Street Watch: Finding strength in solidarity

    "While it is saddening that their work is necessary, Women’s Street Watch has become a way for women to seize control against a tide of news that they often feel they are helplessly swimming against."

    Colour me this: a personal perspective on racism across cultures

    It’s true, no one is born a racist but the cruelty of a racist system is that the moment you inhale, you become a...

    Why we should listen to the activists of 2020

    "You don’t need to “be an activist” to take action." Matilda Gettins explores why, today more than ever, it is important to reflect on social protest movements.

    Greta’s Gap Year: A Catalyst for Change?

    "When the term “climate activist” is mentioned, the first person that comes to your mind might be a teenage girl from Stockholm."

    Cameroon and the problematic nature of humanitarian aid

    "Humanitarian aid, by its very nature, creates a narrative based on status imbalance, forming a relationship between those who need help, and those who fly across the world to provide it."

    Defiance in the face of Danger: Human Rights Activism in Colombia

    The inconvenience caused by having to navigate through the hanging faces as you walk from class to class, serves as a reminder of the mass disruption in the lives of the protesters themselves. Activism should not be easy and in Colombia this is a given.

    The Global Backslide of LGBTQ+ Rights: what’s happening and what you can do about it

    While Pride should be a celebration of Britain’s vibrant LGBT community, we must also always remember that queer people still face discrimination, even across much of what we would consider the developed world.

    Black trauma porn, slacktivism, and chicken soup for the activist soul

    TW: racism, police brutality, racial violence The torrential online aftermath of the murder of a black man: posts mourning fallen black victims, names added to...

    The Right to Breathe & The Suffocation of Black Lives

    "I can’t breathe." These were the chilling final words of George Floyd, spoken with Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed to his neck. Despite George Floyd becoming...

    For a better future, activism must thrive online

    “Is there hope for the next decade?” a debate at the Oxford Union asked in January, just weeks before panic began to spread over the...

    No more “Viva la Revolution”: Has our generation become boring?

    Throughout history, students have been feared as the archenemy of social and political order: from Paris to Cairo, we’ve revolutionised cultural norms, broken laws,...

    Cambridge lawn destroyed by Extinction Rebellion

    Extinction Rebellion members destroyed part of the Trinity College lawn in Cambridge on Monday. The activists were digging up the lawn in protest against...

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