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    Whatever floats your boat: Leo Buckley on the realities of the river

    “I can sleep and I can host, and that’s all I need. I’m a happy man.”

    Lincoln College students relocated following accommodation fire

    A student from Lincoln College told Cherwell that “the mood amongst students … was one of shock (everything seemed a bit surreal), but also one of solidarity. Everyone was very supportive of one another."

    Oxford Brookes plan for new student accommodation rejected again

    This is now the second time such an application has been rejected, despite the recommendation of the Council’s planning officers that the Council approve the application. In 2019 a similar plan was rejected unanimously by the council, with concerns raised especially over the height of the new buildings.

    Major leak at St Catherine’s forces students to leave accommodation

    "A major flood in the early hours of Friday morning has led to parts of St Catherine's college losing both heating and water supply".

    All Oxford colleges preparing for “household” accommodation groups

    All colleges will operate a "household" approach to accommodation next year to minimise the spread of COVID-19, Oxford University has announced. Colleges are planning...

    Oxford renters face eviction crisis

    Renters in Oxford are facing growing uncertainty with the end of the government’s three-month eviction ban. Many renters, especially those on furlough or Universal Credit payments, may...

    Keble students stranded after accommodation cock-up

    Undergraduates have been ordered to postpone their arrival due to new graduate accommodation awaiting completion

    Graduate rent to increase by almost six per cent

    The University’s Property Management Sub-Committee voted to raise rents for all graduate accommodation

    Life Divided: Living In or Living Out?

    Daanial Issaq Chaudhry and Fin Kavanagh's confrontation over accommodation

    Teddy Hall tampered with tenancy agreements

    The price agreed had been altered by hand on tenancy contracts

    Council pledges £1.4m to help the homeless

    The new budget proposes large spending increases for prevention and housing

    New Sainsbury’s set to open on St Aldates

    ...below Christ Church's new 'state-of-the-art' student accommodation block

    Oxford Students outspend Cambridge counterparts by thousands of pounds

    Annual living costs for students at Oxford top those at Cambridge by over £4000

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