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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Incoming Oxford freshers react to A Levels Results Day

"'The biggest uncertainty was not knowing how my grades would actually be determined. My grades had fluctuated over the two years so it was difficult to tell which grades would be used as evidence, but it all worked out for the best'."

Oxford honours A-level students’ offers after government U-turn

The University of Oxford will honour its offer to all applicants whose A-level Centre Assessed Grades meet their conditional offer, although some may have...

Results Day: Private schools see disproportionate grade inflation

Research by the social mobility charity upReach shared with Cherwell has begun to reveal the tangible effects of the grading approach used by Ofqual...

Keble College under pressure to reverse admissions decision

After students and alumni pressed Keble College to admit all students regardless of A Level results, the College is considering accommodation arrangements to increase...

Admissions 2020: How has each college responded?

Update 18/08/2020: Following the government's announcement that A-Level results will be based on teacher's Centre Assessed Grades, the University has announced it will honour...

Open letters and petitions call for Oxford to accept all offer-holders

The University of Oxford is facing pressure to admit offer-holders who missed their grades, amidst controversy over A-level results. Almost 40% of teacher assessments were downgraded...

“A computer decided my future”: Oxford applicants share stories of success and missed offers

Following an A-Level results day of unprecedented uncertainty, Cherwell has interviewed offer-holders about their experiences, some of whom missed out on a place due...

Offer-holders who successfully appeal grades will not start in 2020

The University of Oxford has announced that offer-holders who have missed their A-Level offer grades, but successfully appeal their grades to later meet the...

Oxford may accept students from disadvantaged backgrounds who miss A-level grades

“If the results show young people experiencing disadvantage were unfairly affected by the mechanism used to issue A Level grades, Oxford will do everything possible to help these students"

Science is not just for boys

What are the origins of the gender gap in Stem subjects at Oxford?

So, you got into Oxford? Here’s what to expect

After the A level results joy subsides, here's what to expect if you're coming to Oxford in a few short months

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