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Issy Kenney-Herbert

In Conversation with Lynn Enright

“We don’t think about, you know as uncomfortable as we are talking about vaginas, we’re more comfortable talking about them because they facilitate childbirth.”

A House Divided: My dad and I can’t agree on Ben Platt’s album Reverie

"The lyric ‘you took my weed and two years of my precious time’ makes me laugh each time I hear it in the song ‘leave my mind’ – ironically, the song can quite easily leave my mind as soon as I’ve finished listening to it."

Student Profile: Jade Calder

"I don’t view myself as particularly underprivileged at home, I’m just a normal person, but when i get here, these are the people who have aspirations to be MPs, policy advisors, involved in powerful institutions, to run the country… but they’ve never met a person who comes from a family in the North, whose family income is less than the national average. That’s what scares me.”

Student Profile: Ellie Redpath

“I guess the one thing that comes to mind is that change is a lot harder to make than you originally think it is going to be – which isn’t the most inspiring thing for me to say.”

Student Profile: Elliot Brooke

I log onto a zoom call to be greeted by an array of colours: placards from protests cascade down the walls, various rainbow objects...

Student Profile: Luke Bateman

Joining this zoom call, Luke is sat in his childhood bedroom with a bookcase overflowing in the background. Luke immediately starts chatting and smiling,...

University delays foundation year rollout

"Alan Rusbridger, Principal of LMH said to Cherwell: "We're naturally disappointed that the start of Foundation Oxford has slipped a year."

Somerville College to divest from fossil fuels

"Somerville has already divested from £400,000 of investments in coal"

BREAKING: Oxford SU President-Elect resigns following controversy

CW: racism, transphobia, antisemitism. Rashmi Samant has announced her resignation from President-elect following controversy regarding her captioning an image of herself in Malaysia with “Ching...

EXCLUSIVE: OxMatch breached data protection law

"While the “purposes” outlined in OxMatch’s privacy policy pertained to communicating regarding their match, students also received emails about signing up to MyTutor, a new version of Oxfess and new rounds of OxMatch."

Local jeweller asks for lockdown love stories

A local jewellery shop is offering a prize for the "most romantic" lockdown love stories.

Dire wolves: not just in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones

"Professor Larson said “We can get DNA from dire wolves and we now know how closely they are related to modern canids so if cloning becomes a thing, maybe we can resurrect dire wolves.”

Union speaker described as denying “autistic trans people – and autistic people as a whole – agency over their lives”

LGBTQ+ Campaign says "her positions are unequivocally transphobic" and "the point in inviting her is for the Union to excite controversy" .

PresCom write open letter after University pays £20k to WPUK

PresCom has released a letter stating its condemnation of “the University and History Faculty for supporting transphobia” and that they “are extremely disappointed that...